Our mission is to continue to level the playing field for girls and women in sports. Our organization teaches women life lessons through sport while improving their physical and mental health and provides a powerful positive example to the next generation of young women and girls. We are here to grow, give back, and support our community with our time, talent, and organizational programs.

For the last two decades, the D.C. Divas have had an overwhelmingly positive effect on everyone who has played for or supported the team.

We have seen the playing experience with the Divas turn our empowered and confident women into NFL coaches, replay officials, uniform inspectors, and interns. We made history on the high school football level as well with the first female Head Coach in the country, and a number of other players who have now gone on to become coaches and administrators.

Our collective efforts have produced a new generation of inspired girls and boys, and the women who have played for us have been empowered by that process. On the field, we’ve won three National Championships and compiled more victories than any other franchise in the history of our sport.


Back-To-Back Women’s Football National Champions!


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