Jazmyne Claggett

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Season(s) Played with the Divas: 2017
Height: 5-10
Hometown: Hyattsville, MD
High School: Eleanor Roosevelt HS (MD)
College: University of Maryland
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer, State of Maryland


Jazmyne Claggett Q&A

Who was your childhood idol? Why?
My grandma…she was such a great supporter and caregiver to her family and to all people who came into contact with her.
Who is your biggest supporter?
My mom.
If you could have a conversation with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose? Why?
My grandmother, Shirley Claggett…she passed away when I was a child and although I was young, she instilled in me wonderful values and morals. She was an inspiration for me to go to college and make a difference in this world. Now that I am an adult, I wish I could talk to her about her past and things she did and just get that advice and those stories that grandmothers give.
Who is your female sports idol?
Serena Williams.
Who is your favorite NFL player? Why?
Sean Taylor…he was so quick, powerful, and explosive. He was also a very intelligent and intuitive player.
What are your favorite hobbies or special interests?
Playing games with friends and family.
What is your favorite movie?
Just Wright.
What is your favorite TV show?
Quantico and Criminal Minds.
What is your favorite travel location?
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.
What is your favorite food?
Chop’t salad.
What is your favorite book?
She’s My Baby, by Adrianne Byrd.
Who is your favorite musician or group?
Chance the Rapper.
What was the first sport you ever played?
What is your favorite sports memory?
Winning the state championship.
How did you hear about women’s football?
I heard about it while playing high school football.


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