League All-Americans

Over the years, the D.C. Divas have had many of their players recognized as being among the best in all of women’s football. These players (named as either “all-stars” or “All-Americans”) were listed as one of the best at their respective positions in the entire league for that season.

Here is the full list of Divas players that have been recognized by the Divas’ league as All-Americans.  The NWFA did not select All-Americans in 2001 or 2002.  In 2005, the NWFA only selected first team All-Americans; no second team All-Americans were chosen by the league that year. In 2006, the NWFA did not select All-Americans, choosing instead to recognize players through its “Whammy Awards.”

Season First Team All-Americans Second Team All-Americans
2001 (NWFA) *League did not name first or second team All-Americans in 2001.
2002 (NWFA) *League did not name first or second team All-Americans in 2002.
2003 (NWFA) TaQuina Billups (TE), Lilah Blackstone (KR), Gayle Dilla (OL),
Allyson Hamlin (QB), Tara Kallal (WR), Tessa Nelson (DL),
Michelle Riddle (OL), Ivy Tillman (DB), T.K. Washington (DL),
Donna Wilkinson (RB)
Claudia Hogan (FB), Amy Juang (LB),
Nikki Williams (WR)
2004 (NWFA) TaQuina Billups (TE), Nancy Buermeyer (OL), Gayle Dilla (OL),
Claudia Hogan (FB), Michelle Riddle (OL), Raynette Savoy (DB),
Ivy Tillman (LB), T.K. Washington (DL), Donna Wilkinson (RB)
Nikki Williams (WR)
Lilah Blackstone (WR), Patrice Bowman (OL),
Allyson Hamlin (QB), Tara Kallal (WR),
Monica Livingston (RB), Vickie Lucas (WR)
2005 (NWFA) Gayle Dilla (OL), Allyson Hamlin (QB), Raynette Savoy (DB),
T.K. Washington (DL), Nikki Williams (WR)
*League did not name second team
All-Americans in 2005.
2006 (NWFA) *League did not name first or second team All-Americans in 2006, instead recognizing players through the “Whammy Awards.”
2007 (IWFL) Allyson Hamlin (QB), Kathryn Hemlock (DB), Tara Kallal (WR),
Vickie Lucas (DB), Allysea Marfull (OL), Trigger McNair (DL),
Tessa Nelson (DL), Rachelle Pecovsky (RB), Michelle Riddle (OL),
Ivy Tillman (LB), Nikki Williams (WR)
Andrea Major (LB)
2008 (IWFL) Allyson Hamlin (QB), Ivy Tillman (LB), Nikki Williams (WR) Asia Hardy (OL), Kathryn Hemlock (DB),
Trigger McNair (DL), Tara Stephenson (WR),
Brianna Wilkins (OL), Becky Worsham (OL)
2009 (IWFL) Jay Hodge (DL) Alison Fischer (DB), Allyson Hamlin (QB), Kathryn Hemlock (DB), Tara Stephenson (WR)
2010 (IWFL) Kenyetta Grigsby (RB), Kathryn Hemlock (QB), Jay Hodge (DL),
Tara Stephenson (WR), Donna Wilkinson (TE)
Tracy Cabugao (WR), Alissa Imbragulio (LB),
Trigger McNair (LB), Brianna Wilkins (OL),
Becky Worsham (OL)
2011 (WFA) Kenyetta Grigsby (RB), Allysea Marfull (OL), Brianna Wilkins (OL) Nicole Fisk (DB), Allyson Hamlin (QB)
2012 (WFA) Kenyetta Grigsby (RB), Allysea Marfull (OL), Ashley Whisonant (WR),
Brianna Wilkins (OL)
Allyson Hamlin (QB), Trigger McNair (LB),
D’Ajah Scott (DB), Tara Stephenson (WR)
2013 (WFA) Kenyetta Grigsby (RB), Allyson Hamlin (QB), Eleni Kotsis (DB),
Allysea Marfull (OL), Ashley Rozendaal (OL), Ashley Whisonant (WR),
Becky Worsham (OL)
Callie Brownson (DB)
2014 (WFA) Jennifer Gray (OL), Kenyetta Grigsby (RB), Eleni Kotsis (DB),
Cherre Marshall (LB), D’Ajah Scott (KR), Ashley Whisonant (WR),
Kentrina Wilson (WR)
Desiree Abrams (DL), Trigger McNair (LB),
Jimmien Strong (DL)
2015 (WFA) Callie Brownson (FB), Kenyetta Grigsby (RB), Allyson Hamlin (QB),
D’Ajah Scott (PR), Tia Watkins (LB), Ashley Whisonant (WR),
Kentrina Wilson (WR), Becky Worsham (OL)
Trigger McNair (LB)
2016 (WFA) Kenyetta Grigsby (RB), Allyson Hamlin (QB), Safi Mojidi (DB),
Stephanie Nealis (K), Okiima Pickett (FB), Tia Watkins (LB),
Ashley Whisonant (WR), Becky Worsham (OL)
Cherre Marshall (LB)
2017 (WFA) Genaya Davis (DB), Trigger McNair (LB), Safi Mojidi (DB),
D’Ajah Scott (PR), Melissa Washington (TE), Kentrina Wilson (WR),
Becky Worsham (OL)
Dex Walker (DL), Tia Watkins (LB)
2018 (WFA) Amanda Congialdi (QB), Genaya Davis (DB), D’Ajah Scott (RB),
Miteka Trueheart (LB), Dex Walker (DL), Kentrina Wilson (WR),
Becky Worsham (OL)
Trigger McNair (LB), Stephanie Nealis (K)
2019 (WFA) Amanda Congialdi (QB), Kucheria Eades (DB), Lexie Floor (WR),
Jessica Johnson (DB), D’Ajah Scott (RB), Whitney Simms (LB),
Kentrina Wilson (WR), Becky Worsham (OL)
Kasee Hilliard (WR), Sierra Skeen (DL)