Player Tryouts

Calling all female athletes in the national capital area…the D.C. Divas’ are now holding open tryouts to join our upcoming 2024 Divas team! This is your chance to join the three-time national champions and play for one of the top organizations in women’s sports!

The D.C. Divas women’s tackle football team is looking for female athletes who are interested in the competitive, educational, and athletic opportunity of a lifetime. Previous football experience is a plus but none is required.

All that is required is a measure of athletic ability and a strong desire to compete and improve your skills. Our talented coaching staff will take it from there and teach you everything you need to know!

For more information about trying out for the D.C. Divas’ 2024 team,
please contact team owner Rich Daniel. Come on out and show us what you’ve got!

Why Play For The D.C. Divas?

One of the first questions potential recruits ask when they hear about the D.C. Divas is, “Why would women want to play full-contact football at all?” Here are ten reasons women love playing this great sport!

Ten Reasons Why Women Play Football

The D.C. Divas support all of women’s football, but that doesn’t mean that all women’s football teams are created equal. There are many reasons why the D.C. Divas are different – and better – than most other women’s football teams out there. It all comes down to the fact that every single thing we do is designed to provide a professional atmosphere for our players, setting a standard for other teams to follow. If you’ve decided to give this sport a try, here are the top ten reasons why the D.C. Divas are the Mid-Atlantic’s premier women’s football team!