Coach Jerome Davis

Coach Jerome Davis

Season(s) Coaching the Divas: 2004-2011, 2014-2016
Defensive Line Coach – 2004-2011, 2014-2016

Other Coaching Experience:
Bladensburg HS (MD)

Playing Experience:
Bladensburg HS (MD)
U.S. Naval Academy

Coach Jerome Davis Q&A

Why did you decide to get into coaching after your playing career was over?
I played at the Naval Academy for two years, but injuries ended my career. They weren’t as cautious about seizures back when I played, so that shortened my playing career.

After my playing career, I coached at my old high school for a little bit, but I didn’t like it. The coaching staff at the time was only into football – they weren’t as interested in teaching these kids. I was strict on the grades…if you didn’t make the grades, you didn’t play. I always stressed grades first, because I had seen several previous stars we had – including myself – where football didn’t pan out for some reason or another. I was lucky I had something to fall back on, and that’s why grades were more important to me. Not every high school coach felt that way, so I didn’t coach men’s football for very long.

How did you find out about the D.C. Divas and come to coach for us?
After my football career ended, I moved on and got a job in law enforcement, and then I found my way into a job with the Census Bureau. A guy I worked with at the Census, Adrian Mobley, was the head coach and later owner of the Baltimore Burn. He brought me over as the defensive line coach of the Baltimore Burn for a couple years.

The Burn and the Divas had the biggest rivalry in the sport at that time. We played against the Divas four times in the 2002 season alone. Back then, the Divas were known for having a strong offensive line and a strong running game with Donna Wilkinson at running back. But on the other hand, we had a very strong defense. Whenever we collided, it was pure hell – it was always a good game.

After the 2003 season, I wasn’t happy with the Burn management. I felt they weren’t treating the players right, and a lot of our players felt the same way. Even though we were rivals, we had a lot of respect for the Divas organization – the majority of our players lived near where the Divas practiced, and I grew up around there. So we thought to ourselves, “What if we brought our defense to the Divas?”

I talked to Coach Coop, and he hired me as his defensive line coach in 2004. Seven players from the Burn came down with me and joined the Divas that year, too. We brought over some key coaches and players from the Burn defense, and together, we won the national championship in 2006.

What is your overall coaching philosophy? How would you like your players to play the game?
I’m a vocal coach, obviously. That’s not going to change, because that’s the kind of player I was. I was a high-energy middle linebacker. A couple of times that came back to bite me…I remember when I was playing, one time I was barking at an opponent across from me and I got lightheaded. I had a dizzy spell, so I realized I had to just shut up and play my game! But that’s the fight I have. I was an intense player, and I really enjoy the game.

My main coaching philosophy is that I want my players to be positive, I want them to be leaders, and I want them to be respectful of the game and of their opponents, on and off the field. This is a game that has been dominated by men. The majority of our male coaches have been playing this sport since we were kids. These ladies are hungry enough to play football and they want to learn the game, so respect the game. My main goal with these players is to get them to bring leadership, positivity, and a willingness to learn the game – getting them to be that sponge that soaks up everything the coaches are teaching them.