Coach Joe Williams

Season(s) Coaching the Divas: 2005-2008
Offensive Coordinator/Wide Receivers – 2007-2008
Special Teams Coach – 2006
Assistant Defensive Backs Coach – 2005

Other Coaching Experience:
Northern HS (MD)
Baltimore Burn

Playing Experience:
Indian River HS (VA)
University of Virginia

Coach Joe Williams Bio

Coach Joe Williams was a standout defensive back for the University of Virginia from 1994-1997. His wife, Rhonda Williams, played three seasons for the Baltimore Burn from 2002-2004, and Joe Williams became involved in women’s football as well as a member of the Burn coaching staff. When Rhonda Williams left the Burn and joined the Divas for the 2005 season, Coach Joe Williams came to the D.C. Divas with her.

Coach Williams first served as the Divas’ assistant defensive backs coach in 2005, and he became the Divas’ special teams coach in 2006 when the Divas won the NWFA national championship. The following year, Coach Williams became the first coach to earn the position of offensive coordinator with the Divas, a title he held for the next two seasons.

Coach Joe Williams Q&A

Who was your childhood idol? Why?
My parents: my father for giving me a good example of what it means to be a boy, man, husband, and father…and my mother for giving me love and protection.
Who is your favorite NFL player? Why?
Walter Payton…toughness, finesse, determination, and skill in one package.
What is your favorite book?
The Autobiography of Malcolm X.