Coach Patrice Bowman

Season(s) Coaching the Divas: 2008, 2011-2012
Assistant Offensive Line Coach – 2012
Assistant Coach – 2011
Assistant Offensive Line/Practice Squad Coach – 2008

Playing Experience:
D.C. Divas, 2002-2006

Coach Patrice Bowman Bio

Coach Patrice Bowman played flag football for several years until the D.C. Divas came onto the scene in 2001. Bowman suited up for five seasons with the Divas from 2002-2006 and was the oldest member of the Divas’ 2006 national championship team. In her five seasons in uniform, she established herself as a natural leader and an on-field extension of the Divas coaching staff.

In 2008, Coach Ezra Cooper hired Bowman as his assistant offensive line coach and the head of his practice squad. Coach Bowman became the first female position coach in the history of the D.C. Divas. Bowman would return to the Divas sidelines two years later, when new head coach Tim Smart invited her to be an assistant coach on his staff. Coach Alison Fischer was hired as the Divas’ head coach in 2012, and she retained Coach Bowman as her assistant offensive line coach. Coach Patrice Bowman served three seasons as a Divas assistant coach under three different head coaches – Ezra Cooper, Tim Smart, and Alison Fischer.