Dr. Wendy Jacobs

Season(s) With the Divas: 2006-2008
Team Chiropractor – 2006-2008

Jacobs Chiropractic

Dr. Wendy Jacobs Bio

Dr. Wendy Jacobs is a U.S. Army veteran who specializes in chiropractic services to military members and athletes. Dr. Jacobs majored in exercise science as an undergraduate and earned a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Atlanta. She has been nicknamed an “Army Chiropractor” for her work with active duty and retired service members; Dr. Jacobs operates her own clinic, Jacobs Chiropractic, in Arlington just a few miles from the Pentagon.

Dr. Jacobs is a member of the Professional Football Chiropractic Society and CEPA, The Chiropractic Association for the Care of Elite and Professional Athletes. She has provided chiropractic care for a large number of professional sports teams and athletes over the years. Teams and athletes include players for the Washington Redskins, international Olympic teams, the WNBA, professional women’s volleyball teams, men’s beach volleyball teams, the United States Tennis Association, and participants in the NAIA Track and Field Championships.