Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell
Season(s) Played with the Divas: 2012-2013, 2015
Jersey Number: 82
Nickname: Mitch
Position: WR
Age: 29
Height: 5-2
Weight: 125
Hometown: White Plains, MD
High School: McDonough HS (MD)
College: University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC)
Occupation: Bartender

Melissa Mitchell Q&A

Who is your favorite NFL player? Why?
Torrey Smith of the Baltimore Ravens…we are both wide receivers, and we share the same jersey number! His speed and catches amaze me every game I watch. I have learned a lot by watching him.
Who is your favorite musician?
Justin Bieber.
What was the first sport you ever played?
Soccer…I started playing when I was only four years old.
If you could play any other position, which one would you choose? Why?
Our quarterback (Allyson Hamlin) is amazing. I would love to one day be as good as she is!
What is your most memorable Divas moment?
I am the holder for extra points and field goals. I remember one time that there was a snap so high, it would have been over my head standing. Instinctively, I jumped up, grabbed the ball, and put it down…the extra point was good! That play proved to me that every position and every player on the field is important.
Why do you play women’s tackle football?
I love sports, and football is the most interesting and complex sport I have ever played. I love the challenge of remembering plays and getting better every time I play.
What does it mean to you to be a D.C. Diva?
Divas aren’t just football players…we are friends and family. Life would never be the same without them. Winning together is just another way we make memories!