Missy Bedwell

Missy Bedwell
Season(s) Played with the Divas: 2010-2016
Previous Experience: 1999-2009 (Lake Michigan Minx, 1999;
Minnesota Vixen(s), 1999-2001; Carolina Cougars, 2002;
Philadelphia Phoenix, 2003-2006; Palm Beach Punishers, 2007-2009)
Jersey Number: 53
Given Name: Mellisa
Position: OL
Age: 42
Height: 5-6
Weight: 240
Hometown: Elk Creek, VA
High School: Powhatan HS (VA)
Occupation: Golf Course Construction Equipment Operator

Missy Bedwell Q&A

Who was your childhood idol? Why?
My mother…she worked three jobs to put us through school but always made time for my brother and me. She was at all of our games and school activities. She is still the one I admire and look up to.
Who is your favorite NFL player? Why?
Bill Bates…he had heart, desire, dedication, and never gave up. He played every down at 100 percent until the whistle. He never gave up, even when others thought he should.
What are your favorite hobbies or special interests?
Soccer, softball, fishing, and camping.
What are your lifetime aspirations?
To be respectful to all I meet and to treat others the way I want to be treated. I want my family to be proud of me for who I am, and I want to be a role model for others.
If you could play any other position, which one would you choose? Why?
Linebacker…I love to hit and as a linebacker, you get to hit in almost every play.


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