Okiima (Pickett) Trotter

Okiima Pickett
Season(s) Played with the Divas: 2007-2018
Jersey Number: 7
Position: RB
Age: 37
Height: 5-4
Weight: 138
Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
College: Old Dominion University
Occupation: Information Assurance Analyst

Okiima (Pickett) Trotter Q&A

Who was your childhood idol? Why?
My great-grandmother…she was a realistic super hero with mental strength out of this world who could battle anything that came her way. She lived to be 105 years old.
Who is your biggest supporter?
I don’t have just one…my entire family has supported me and cheered me on since day one. But I will say my son has been the loudest voice in my fan club, always making sure I get to practice.
If you could have a conversation with anyone, dead or alive, who would you choose? Why?
Martin Luther King, Jr…I would ask him how one man with one voice could be heard all over and remembered for so long.
What are your favorite hobbies or special interests?
I have my own website, okiimapickett.blogspot.com.
What are your lifetime aspirations?
To start my own engineering company in about ten years, retire in my late-forties, and travel the world living blissfully off my hard-earned millions. I would like to start a “Positive Role Model” program in Charlottesville for the youth to teach them about the importance of education and abstinence and maybe get a scholarship fund going.
What is your favorite sports memory?
I have two…the first would be breaking the high school record for the most goals scored in one season, and the other would be when I played soccer for Old Dominion University. I was able to manage being a single parent, full-time student, and playing soccer all at the same time. It was a dream come true.


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