Allysea Marfull: Putting a Scare in the Competition

By Duke Hipp

This profile was written in 2010.

For most people, the word “ghost” conjures thoughts of haunted houses, Halloween, and chills up the spine. But for players, coaches, and fans of the D.C. Divas, the word has a whole different meaning: offensive lineman Allysea “Ghost” Marfull. The thirty-year-old Alexandria native has been a member of the D.C. Divas since 2005 and a team captain since 2008.

It all started with a dare. After playing flag football with a few Divas players, Marfull accepted their challenge to play tackle football. Marfull proudly dons jersey #72, in honor of the Divas’ first head coach, Ezra Cooper. Coach Cooper believed an offensive lineman wearing #72 is awarded good luck on the field (it was also the number on Cooper’s jersey when he played the game himself.)

Allysea isn’t the only Marfull to join the Divas family. Since 2005, her parents have run the Gold Club, which coordinates game day operations at Prince George’s Sports Complex, the home of the Divas. Mama and Papa Marfull have been there for her every step of the way, including the Divas’ 2006 national championship win. They, much like their daughter’s nickname, have followed Allysea through all of her sporting pursuits – beginning in childhood and now into her adult years (when Ghost has even been known to step into a boxing ring or two).

This isn’t to say that Marfull’s journey with the Divas hasn’t had its share of heartbreak. While she suffered a season-ending injury in 2007, “Ghost” doesn’t view it as her toughest time with the team. “I could say that my worst memory is being put out of the 2007 season during the third game against Pittsburgh because my arm was shattered while pulling,” said Marfull. “Unfortunately, it’s not. It was losing Daddy Nat.” Like the rest of the Divas family, Marfull’s world was rocked in 2008 when trainer Nate “Daddy Nat” Randolph died in a car accident.

Marfull’s goals for the 2010 season are simple: “To be faster, stronger, smarter, and the best teammate I can be.” Off the field, the half-Chilean, half-Italian bartender plans to return to culinary school in the near future. Come out and see her roast the competition during the 2010 season!