Shara McNeill

Shara McNeill
Season(s) Played with the Divas: 2008-2009
Jersey Number: 83
Nickname: Flash
Position: WR
Age: 25
Height: 5-3
Weight: 150
Hometown: Avon, CT
High School: Avon HS (CT)
College: Georgetown University
Occupation: Client Success Analyst for a Software Company


Shara McNeill Q&A

Who is your biggest supporter?
I have so many, but I guess the biggest would have to be my girl Brina. I think she is more excited than me to get the season started! She’s really great!
How would you describe yourself in three words?
Sarcastic, random, relaxed.
What are your lifetime aspirations?
To be radio DJ, because I want to spread this joy to everyone’s ears.
What is your favorite sports memory?
Playing in Georgetown women’s soccer’s first appearance ever in the Big East Tournament. We played against my sister’s team, Boston College. The game was amazing, back and forth, and really stressed out my mother. My sister scored the winning goal…that was the first and last time we ever competed against each other.
What is your most memorable Divas moment?
Making the team!