Tee McCauley

Tee McCauley
Season(s) Played with the Divas: 2010-2013
Previous Experience: 2001-2009 (Baltimore Burn)
Jersey Number: 77
Position: DL
Height: 5-9
Weight: 175
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Occupation: US Army


Tee McCauley Q&A

Who was your childhood idol? Why?
My mother…she was a great inspiration to my life.
How would you describe yourself in three words?
Optimistic, high on life, work-aholic.
What are your lifetime aspirations?
To be one who has failed and to be one who has great success.
If you could play any other position, which one would you choose? Why?
Middle linebacker…some positions bring the best out of a true athlete, just as middle linebacker does for me. Out of ten years of playing women’s football, I have never felt such height of adrenaline as I do when I play that position. I will never be able to explain the transition that takes place when I prepare to play a game as a middle linebacker…but I will try. For one, my name is not Tee. I am “something” else. Just imagine the football field as a forest, and you are on the top of the food chain…and you are hungry. The end.
What does it mean to you to be a Diva?
I spent many years playing women’s football prior to joining the Divas. I believe the meaning is to practice hard, to play hard, to support one another, to create a foundation, to build a stronger family, to stand as one, and to play as a team. In my first year as a Diva, it is a great feeling to be on the field, playing with the Divas.