Why Play for the D.C. Divas?

Reason #6: Large, Experienced Coaching Staff

The D.C. Divas appreciate the value of great coaching, and the Divas have assembled a top-notch staff of talented, experienced coaches. Most of our male coaches have experience playing major college or semi-pro football or coaching at the high school or collegiate levels. Our female coaches include several longtime veteran players of the Divas, who understand the nuances of women’s football. With their unique combination of varied experiences, our outstanding coaching staff is a major part of why the Divas continue to build upon their championship tradition.

Because we have a large roster of players, the D.C. Divas understand the importance of a large coaching staff. Since 2003, the Divas’ coaching staff has averaged over 11 coaches per season. Having a coaching staff of this size allows our position coaches to give each athlete the personal attention she needs to grow as a player. Many players have come to the Divas from other women’s football teams, and they marvel at how the Divas’ organized and structured practices allow them to excel and improve their skills.

Perhaps even more importantly, the D.C. Divas are committed to hiring experienced medical support staff. As many as three to five team doctors and trainers are hired by the Divas each year to care for any injuries that may arise, and the Divas work diligently to have an experienced trainer or doctor on hand at every single practice. Hiring a quality coaching staff and surrounding the team with trained medical professionals is the Divas’ way of providing the safest possible environment for our athletes.

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