Why Play for the D.C. Divas?

Reason #10: Supportive Family Atmosphere

The D.C. Divas have one of the largest, most tight-knit sisterhoods in women’s football. The Divas have over 500 living alumni players, coaches, and staff, and we appreciate every single person who wore the burgundy and gold – even if she played just one season. The D.C. Divas are one of the only women’s football teams with an active alumni group, and the D.C. Divas Alumni Association has over 250 card-carrying members – with more joining every week!

We work hard to recognize the great players of our past and to honor our history. Every season, we have a Homecoming game in which we invite former Divas back as a group to reunite with their old teammates. Honoring our past is also why we started the D.C. Divas Hall of Fame in 2015…to recognize the greatest players and contributors to the Divas organization. We are one of the only teams in the sport to have a real Hall of Fame, where former players and alumni vote to give their peers the highest possible recognition.

Divas players and coaches support each other in times of need. When our legendary former coach, Ezra Cooper, passed away in October 2013, the Divas family rallied together to raise over $24,000 to help cover expenses for his wife and children. That amazing response was reminiscent of the way Divas players, past and present, supported each other following the 2008 passing of our beloved trainer, Nate “Daddy Nat” Randolph.

If you join the Divas, you’re joining more than just a sports team. For the past 16 years, we’ve shown that the D.C. Divas are truly a family like no other!

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