Why Play for the D.C. Divas?

Reason #9: Fun Team Events

The D.C. Divas have been a part of numerous incredible events over the years. Divas players have been invited to the White House Easter Egg Roll, been recognized on the floor of the Maryland House of Delegates in Annapolis, and marched in the St. Patrick’s Day and Fourth of July parades in Washington, DC, just to name a few.

The Divas also strongly believe in being a positive influence in the national capital region. Members of the Divas have played a very active role in the community over the last 17 years, helping to raise thousands of dollars for various community projects. Our players have partnered with terrific organizations and been a part of charitable events run by NFL Play 60, the Special Olympics, and Recess by the River, among others.

By participating in these events, Divas players have had the opportunity to meet and have photos taken with athletes like Darrell Green, Adrian Peterson, and LeBron James. In 2016, the entire team was invited to the White House, where they were honored by President and First Lady Barack and Michelle Obama for winning the 2015 national championship, and First Lady Michelle Obama has personally thanked us for being role models to women! These aren’t “team events” open to only one or two players – every member of the team is invited to participate in amazing events like these. Being a football player is hard, hard work…so why not have some fun when practice is over?

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