Why Play for the D.C. Divas?

Reason #4: Athlete Recognition

Our success as a team extends down to our players. Divas players are some of the most recognized, decorated athletes in women’s football history, having received over 100 All-American selections by our league. As a member of the Divas, you will be able to call some of the greatest legends in women’s football history your teammates as you practice and play alongside them.

There are numerous opportunities for Divas players to win elite, major awards. Over a dozen of our players have earned the James Posey Award from the Pigskin Club of Washington, DC, designating them as the women’s football player of the year in the national capital region. Divas players have gone on to capture 12 gold medals in women’s football with Team USA in the IFAF Women’s World Championships. In 2015, the franchise unveiled the D.C. Divas Hall of Fame, where Divas players, coaches, and fans vote to elect former Divas for true Hall of Fame recognition.

DCDivas.com has a wealth of information about the Divas, featuring both past and present players. Every new player receives her own player page, which goes far beyond a standard headshot and height and weight stats. Our player pages include a Q&A that lets fans get to know the interests and personalities of Divas players, and in time, Divas players get a full photo gallery page on our website where fans can view dozens of photos of their favorite player.

The Divas have a staff writer who highlights our most decorated athletes with in depth articles that talk about their careers on and off the field. Several times throughout the year, our athletes are invited onto the SportsTalk program on Channel 8, where they can discuss their upcoming games and life as a football player.

If you’re a women’s football player who wants to stand out on the field, the D.C. Divas can give you the platform to shine and receive the recognition you deserve.

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