Posey Award Winners

Since 2003, the Pigskin Club of Washington, DC, has granted the John W. Posey Award for women’s football, awarded annually to the top women’s football player or players in the Washington, DC, region. Posey Award winners are recognized at the Pigskin Club’s annual banquet, and winning the Posey Award is the pinnacle of achievement for a women’s football player in the national capital area.

Click on each season below to read that year’s press release announcing the Posey Award winners. The Pigskin Club did not hand out the Posey Awards in 2014; the Divas named their offensive and defensive MVPs in lieu of the award.

Season Posey Award Winner(s)
2003 Donna Wilkinson
2004 Allyson Hamlin
2005 Vickie Lucas
2006 Rachelle Pecovsky and Ivy Tillman
2007 Kathryn Hemlock and Nikki Williams
2008 Tiffany Matthews and Trigger McNair
2009 Jay Hodge and Tara Stephenson
2010 Amy Juang and Becky Worsham
2011 Kenyetta Grigsby and Tiffany Matthews
2012 Trigger McNair and Ashley Whisonant
2013 Missy Bedwell and Allyson Hamlin
2014 *No Posey Awards; Cherre Marshall and Kentrina Wilson named team MVPs.
2015 Kenyetta Grigsby and Tia Watkins
2016 Allyson Hamlin and Safi Mojidi
2017 Trigger McNair and Kentrina Wilson
2018 Miteka Trueheart and Kentrina Wilson